Archive: July 2018

U.S. Banks Profitability Held Hostage by the German 10-Year Yield

Currently, factors such as low unemployment and increases of the federal funds rate by the Federal Reserve reflect a strong economy. In this climate, demand for bank loans increases and bank profitability should improve. There has been a sharp increase in the yield on U.S. 2-Year T-Notes, but despite this…

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IDCFP’s CAMEL Ranks Explained - The “L” in CAMEL: Liquidity

IDC Financial Publishing, Inc. (IDCFP) utilizes the acronym CAMEL to represent the financial ratios used to evaluate the safety and soundness of commercial banks, savings institutions and credit unions. This article explains how IDCFP uses liquidity as a component of its CAMEL ranking system and why it is valuable and…

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