Archive: May 2018

Brokered CDs to Accelerate 82% by Year-End 2019 | IDCFP

The Growth of Brokered CDs The total value of brokered CDs issued by a financial institution grew exponentially from an average of $44 million in 1997 to $228 million in the 1st quarter of 2018. This growth was due to an increase in insurance premiums, bank mergers, and strong growth in…

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ROE Compared to COE is the Best Indicator of Bank Stock Value

IDC Financial Publishing (IDCFP) measures stock price performance of bank holding companies by comparing the return on equity (ROE) to its definition of the cost of equity (COE). Margin between ROE and COE (also the “M” in IDCFP’s unique CAMEL analysis) is a key measure of management. If the spread…

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A Unique Cost of Equity is the Key to Forecasting | IDCFP

Each day market observers try to explain the stock market and experts use algorithms, created by artificial intelligence, to determine equity risk and reward. IDC Financial Publishing has found the best method to forecast stock prices for strong earnings growth and high return on equity is when the S&P 500…

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